The Guild is open each Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10.30 am to 4.00 pm.


Brush Farm House
19 Lawson Street
Eastwood NSW 2122

P: 04 2719 8628

Postal address

PO Box 578
Burwood NSW 1805

Specific contacts

President Contact the Treasurer or Secretary

Treasurer Catherine O’Keefe

Secretary Melissa White

Committee Marilyn Peters
David Le Cheminant
Jacqui Thorburn
Marie Clews
Helen Storey
Denise Warren
Shannon Williams

Equipment officer Prue Hill

CCHS registrar Helen Storey

CCWS registrar Prue Hill

Guild news editors Prue Hill
Jen Roseman

Guild shop Joy Dodd
Marilyn Peters

Workshops Marie Clews

Library Julie Jennings

Publicity Committee

Membership secretary Barbara Kerle

Mini-workshops Committee

Raffles Barbara Lloyd

Public officer Prue Hill

Archivist Pat Feehelly

Judges convenor Marilyn Peters

Web Jodi Red Wolf

(If no contact details are listed for the individual you require, please use the general contacts for the Guild above and we will re-route your query.)

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