The guild realised many years ago that it would be impossible for a centralised organisation to efficiently and effectively reach out to prospective craft practitioners across the whole state of NSW.

As a result, the Guild developed relationships with various local groups (known as network groups) throughout the state.

The list of the network groups will help you easily locate your local group.

These network groups are autonomous within their own organisations, the guild has no governance responsibilities over them. The network groups, nor their members, have no governance responsibilities nor voting rights at the Guild.

If a group subscribes to the guild as a network group, then we send them any published items (Guild News), we allow a nominated network member to borrow from our library, we allow a nominated network member to attend Guild classes/lessons at guild-member prices.

Network groups may (optionally) also request to be covered under the guild’s Broadform Insurance Policy (which includes public liability, advertising liability, and product liability). The Guild holds the umbrella policy, and the network groups may be affiliated entities, named within the policy. The Guild pays the initial premium to the insurance broker (to maintain cover for everyone) and then recovers the cost of that premium, evenly from the network groups. We have been able to hold the cost to the individual network group for this insurance at less than $200 for several years.

An explanation of the policy was produced for the the benefit of our members.

Neither the guild nor its committee members are licensed insurance agents. You will need to satisfy yourself regarding the suitability of this policy to your organisation. Please contact the office and request a copy of the policy, and to enquire about network group subscription.

The guild welcomes new network groups.

If your group aims to promote the hand weaving, spinning, dyeing, felting or other fibre crafts, we would be pleased to consider an application. We do require a Network Group to have two of their members who are also direct members of the guild in order to ensure we have an effective ongoing relationship with the network group.